Why home lab?

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Sep 22, 2022
Shawnee, Kansas, USA
You'll likely encounter this question a lot over your journey with a home lab and I think the basis of all the answers are the same, to increase your knowledge about whatever you decide to run in your home lab whether that be servers, networks or even just specific apps and services.

In my case I focus mainly on networking with my home lab, sure you can run software to virtualize networks and network equipment (with things like eve-ng) but for me sometimes I need the physical hardware to really learn (lately I've been playing with Microtik's). At some point I would really like to get several more routers and be able to physically lay out something that would resemble and ISP network (just something small) with BGP and all the things but that will take a while.

I'm always curious what other people's focus is in their home labs, so share yours below (bonus points if you provide pictures).