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  1. WizardTux

    Homelab - where to start

    I think this is a question that people run into a lot when starting a home lab and I think the way most of us start is by buying a new computer for ourselves and then using the old one as a server of some sort. Back in the mid to late 90s (yes I'm old) I had a Compaq Presario (it came with...
  2. WizardTux

    Why home lab?

    You'll likely encounter this question a lot over your journey with a home lab and I think the basis of all the answers are the same, to increase your knowledge about whatever you decide to run in your home lab whether that be servers, networks or even just specific apps and services. In my case...
  3. WizardTux

    Items in my Homelab - Running List

    I just wanted to create a running list of equipment I use in my Homelab. If your interested what I use for my computer or my YouTube setup visit this post. All links for products in this list are Amazon affiliate links. Current Equipment: Laptops: System76 - Running Proxmox - Can't remember...
  4. WizardTux

    Recommendations (Homelab Switch)

    So as most of you know (at least those who have been around for a while) I had a Cisco SB200-26 switch. What most don't know, that switch has died and I'm looking for a replacement... I do think about Unifi, but at the same time I want something a little more technical to play with any suggestions?
  5. WizardTux

    What have I been up to lately?

    I'm slowly but surely building my lab back up. My goal this round is to be low power. I started with a new (well actually old) HP SFF desktop and added a 250GB SSD (because we removed it prior to me getting it from work) and an additional network card to convert it into my main pfSense box...