General May '23 Updates - Referral Program (with prizes)

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This is just a general announcement.
Hows it going? This will likely be kind of a scattered post.

Lets get right into this, I'm pushing membership here and instead of paying some big company for advertising I would rather give it back to the community.

So in-comes our new referral system, the goal is that each month there will be a contest and the top 3 referrers will win the prizes. This month the prizes are:
  1. $50 via PayPal
  2. $25 via PayPal
  3. $10 via PayPal

I'm thinking I may start a yearly contest too that ends at the end of the year, but idk what the prizes for that will be yet.

There are a few requirements to be a part of the program:
  • You must have 2 posts (we suggest an introduction post and then one other post that follows the community guidelines)
  • To have a referral count you also must have 2 posts (our suggestions are the same as above)
  • These may change in the future, however the idea is to grow the community
If you want to see the current contest you can find that here or you can find the Referral Guidelines here and they are subject to change.
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