Referral Guidelines

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Our referral system is fairly straight forward, but we do have a couple rules.

  1. Users must make at least 2 applicable posts to count as a referral -- We suggest an introduction post and then a technical post.
    1. This also applies to being a part of the referral program as the idea is to grow the community (and more posts help with that)
  2. Don't abuse the system.
Staff will reach out to the winners within 5 days of the end of the contest to the winners to retrieve their payment information.

The idea is that we will have cash prizes monthly, all cash prizes will be paid via PayPal unless otherwise noted in the contest. All prizes can be substituted if requested by the winner to an equivalent cost user upgrade on the forums. (e.g. $50 winning cash value can be swapped for 5 months of the Gold Supporter user upgrade).
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