Items in my Homelab - Running List

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I just wanted to create a running list of equipment I use in my Homelab. If your interested what I use for my computer or my YouTube setup visit this post. All links for products in this list are Amazon affiliate links.

Current Equipment:​


  • System76 - Running Proxmox - Can't remember the exact model at the time of writing this


  • HP - Running pfSense - Can't remember the exact model at the time of writing this.

Network Equipment:​

  • MikroTik CRS326-24G-2S+RM - I have this on order and should be here the day I'm writing this post... More to come.
  • Netgear GS108T - This will end up being connected to the servers, currently it is my primary switch, until I get the Mikrotik above.


  • Dell PowerEdge 1950 - Pending re-add to the network
  • Dell PowerEdge 2950 - Pending re-add to the network

Old Equipment:​

Network Equipment:​

  • Cisco SB200-26 - The link on this is to a newer version as the SB200 isn't sold new anymore, and mine won't power on after it was stored for so long.