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This is just a general announcement.
So if you're here then you likely saw my Twitter post, but if not I'll be sure to reiterate what I said in the Tweet.

I don't want IT Bible to be limited to me and lets face it I'm not the best at being consistent or knowing everything. So, I want this to be a shared community across many creators and people in the HomeLab, Information Technology and related fields. I feel like this is a good direction into becoming an IT Cooperative like we've been trying to brand ourselves as.

Where it stands right now
I've made it so other creators can promote their content now, for now this feature is limited to Discord but if it gains traction and is useful, I can make a creators section on the forums for how-to and related documentation that way you can add supporting documentation to your videos, this also would allow you to schedule posts here to correlate with your YouTube release or Twitch stream.

How many creators can join?
Currently I'd like to limit this to 10-15, once we get to that point and hopefully start the profit sharing portion we can work on adding more partners to the organization.

Why should I join?
I think this is something that I struggle with answering, however after setting up all the various categories for discussion I feel like your personal Discord would be more towards just your content (which is a good thing) and then IT Bible would be more for the technical discussion. I'm not asking to move your community to IT Bible (however we could work something out if you didn't want to have your own community resources). Also being a member of IT Bible would allow you and your community to also collaborate in a neutral environment with other communities. From being in other community Discords I feel like having a separate space can also encourage a wider range of discussion topics (since this would be purely for technical discussion). Personally I like more collaboration and think this is a way to promote that. I want this whole platform to be community driven in its direction.

What benefits do I get for joining?
The goal here is to have a set of board members that steer IT Bible in the right direction, creators are a pivotal role in this.

This post outlines what you get from and what our specific rules are for the partner program.

What are the requirements?
As of right now you just need to have some content released so we can verify your content is IT related. You should also post content fairly regularly. This could change based on demand / the direction of the community and be reasonably active in the community.

Whats in it for WizardTux / IT Bible?
Nothing really I don't expect anything, no really... I just want IT Bible to be something useful to everyone in the field.

How do I join the program?
You'll need three things, first you'll need to be a part of our Discord and then you'll also need to be a member here at the forums. Once that is completed go here and submit an application.
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