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This thread is the thread that outlines how the IT Bible partner program works and how the rules are enforced by IT Bible staff. Please use this as a guide when posting content to IT Bible's various content outlets.

This set of guidelines is subject to change with or without notice.


Community Members**​

Prior to applying we would like you to have at least 1,000 followers on one platform that would be linked here.

Content Posting**​

You must post content to your other platforms (e.g. YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, Twitter) regularly, at least two times a month.

IT Bible Posting*​

You must post content to IT Bible at least once a month, however it is strongly encouraged to post new content at least once a week. You must also follow up to replies on your own posts and participate in community discussions.

Link Back*​

You must link back to IT Bible, acceptible linking methods are below
  • In your profile or linktree style application you link to
  • In your profile or linktree style application you link to your IT Bible profile page.
  • In your profile or linktree style application you link to your own domain (e.g. and have it redirect to your profile.

* Strongly Enforced
** Not Strongly Enforced

What you get​


When accepted into the partner program you will receive the role on the website named "Partner" and it will be displayed with your name on every post. If you have your forum account linked to Discord and are a member of our discord you will also have a "Partner" role there. This lets you stand out as someone who has a better understanding of certain topics.

Automatic Posting​

Being in the partner program allows you to have automatic posting of content (YouTube, TikTok, Twitch) to our Discord.

Scheduled Posts​

As a partner you have the ability to schedule posts on the forums, this allows you to post topics in conjunction with other media outlets. (e.g. post an article that relates to a YouTube video and links back to your video).

Partner Content Tag​

This may only be used for your own content, this is exclusive to your own articles or your own YouTube, TikTok, Twitch videos. If the content posted with this tag is identified as not being your own authentic content you will be disqualified from the IT Bible partner program and lose all access to its benefits.

Any abuse of this tag (e.g. if you're using it for every single post you make) will result in loss of partner program access.

Voting Power​

This portion of the partner program is not currently in effect.
This portion of the Partner program allows you as a partner to help make decisions that affect the community as a whole.

Profit Sharing​

This portion of the partner program is not currently active, the idea is once IT Bible is making ~$400 per month, we will be able to start this program,

Once the partner program profit sharing is enabled you will be requested to setup a 1099 with IT Bible to receive the benefits of Profit Sharing you must have this information filled out.

Profit Sharing Breakdown​

This will be something that is split up post IT Bible expenses (domains, hosting, moderator payments, accounting fees and community approved projects).

The way IT Bible calculates its income for payout is via the following
  • Supporters - Members of the community can subscribe to for additional tags on their name, additional roles in our Discord and a few additional forums / channel access.
  • Shared Partnerships - the community as a whole can get a partnership with companies and then you as a partner will help with distributing the content that they are looking to distribute (e.g. Company A wants each partner to create a video using their product, so each partner would need to create the video requested)... I haven't worked out all of the details for this yet but it seems like a feasible idea.
  • Discord Subscriptions - when the discord expands to where we can get subscriptions, this would be calculated in the total for disbursement.
  • Store Sales - Net sales in the ITBible store will also be calculated in the total for disbursement.

After the income is calculated, IT Bible will remove the platform costs, then add up how many "Partner Posts" were created and divide the remaining income by how many partner posts there are which will give us the amount of money each post is worth, and then this each Partner will be paid out based off of how many partner posts they have. So lets try to break this down in an example:

  • Monthly Income: $1000
  • Platform Expenses: $400 (hosting, domains, accounting, payroll)
  • IT Bible Moderators (5%): $30 (distributed between moderators)
  • IT Bible Savings (5%): $30 (used to finance other projects: internal, kickstarters, etc)
  • Amount for distribution: $540
  • Number of Partner Posts: 50
  • Partner A Posts: 3
  • Partner B Posts: 20
  • Partner C Posts: 27

So in this example we have $540 to distribute to partners, there are 50 posts which mean each post is worth $10.80.
  • Partner A: $32.40
  • Partner B: $216
  • Partner C: $291.60
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