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  1. WizardTux

    Batch Fix VSS Writers

    Something that we run into with VSS Writers fairly often is them being errored out and this script seems to fix them almost every time. I can't remember where I found the bulk of this but I think this is a mashup of a few scripts I've found over time. I've also labelled this as bash but it is a...
  2. Andy

    PowerShell Execution Policy & Profile Impact

    After writing about prompt customizations, I realized that I likely need to address a common issue that pops up when users are first configuring their PowerShell (PS) environment. If you have not read that post yet, I would start there before continuing with this one. As we discussed in that...
  3. Andy

    PowerShell Customizing PowerShell Prompt & Profile Tips

    I have a thing about command line prompts. I like tweaking and customizing. The prompt is such a simple thing, but impacts experience dramatically. Once I learned about prompt customization, I found a general format that works for me and can be replicated across multiple environments and...
  4. WizardTux

    Partner Content How to Install and Configure OpenVPN Server and Client for Routing (and other things)

    I try to keep my posts / tutorials as concise as possible but in some cases I'm not able to do that, and this is one of those cases. This is a longer one but it will be at the core of something I want to do within my lab. Install OpenVPN and Download EasyRSA First run an update and install...
  5. WizardTux

    PowerShell Hard Link AD Sync User

    The process of hard linking AD objects to AAD objects for when you get errors during an AD Sync. On the domain controller run: Get-ADUser username | Select-Object UserPrincipalName, objectGUID, @{Name = 'ImmutableID'; Expression = {...
  6. WizardTux

    Partner Content AD for Beginners

  7. WizardTux

    Partner Content How to install Windows 11 from Scratch