Tools I use as a Network Engineer (hardware edition)

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So I'm sure many wonder what hardware a network engineer uses daily, well here is a list of stuff in my personal network bag. I am going to try to find everything I use here, but I'm sure I will miss some things.

iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit (I've had this since 2016)
I can be doing anything from designing servers to repairing laptops so having a good quality toolkit is always a need. I have a second screwdriver set that they don't seem to make anymore. I also have a separate bigger handled driver set that I can't find for when I'm working in server racks but I think I want to replace both both the bigger handled set and the Pro Tech Toolkit with the iFixit Manta Driver Kit as I think this would help me save some space in my bag.

Klein Tools VDV501-825 (Cable Tester)
Testing network drops is fairly important in my job and this helps me do that, now if money was no object of course I would go buy everything Fluke but, I'm not that rich. We have a bigger brother to this one (I'm not sure they make it anymore) that is owned by the company I work for.

Klein Tools VDV226-107 (RJ45 Crimper)
This is a pretty basic thing but something you'll need if you're running any sort of Cat5/6.

Klein Tools VDV427-300 (Impact Punchdown Tool)
I have a slightly different model (that came in a kit that I can't find). Its a punchdown tool.

Klein Tools 2100-8 (Scissors)
These came in the kit mentioned above, pretty good scissors.

Cable Matters RJ45s
These are more for personal use as we buy in bigger bulk at work, but when I need them at home this is what I buy.

Macbook Air (2022 edition)
I have the 2018 edition which is a bit out dated at the time of writing this. If I was just doing networking on mine I think the air is perfect for this, but since I do more I want to upgrade to a MacBook Pro at some point in the future. USB C to Serial Adapter
Since I have a Macbook Air this comes in handy when connecting to any enterprise grade network equipment, plus then I can use any console cable I find, instead of having to look for that one specific USB C one.