Questions I've gotten in DMs

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Sep 22, 2022
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I just wanted to throw some questions and answers I would give to each of them because I think they can help more people, I will say I don't always have a great answer but I do my best to respond with what I can to help as much as possible. If this gains traction I'll try to keep adding to this thread as we go (I have a ton of other questions in my DMs).

Hi WizardTux,

My name is *** and i'm from Nigeria. I trying to build my career in network engineering and i'm open to network roles or internship remotely. I will really appreciate if you could assist with any recommendation regarding available opportunities
I think this varies a ton especially between countries, our company has some overseas employees but the main (full time) one started with us while he was in the U.S. and then the other is a relative to him.

Hey I see you’re a network engineer… I am an aspiring pen tester I already got my sec + now I’m focusing on networking, you have any tips or resources that can help me with employment or to better my skills and knowledge?
I'm not really on the security side, but I try my best to be as secure as possible. I would say the best piece of advice anyone can give in any tech field, is never stop learning and never be afraid to ask questions. Out of all the people I've trained that's what I see people struggle with the most.