General January 2023 - Updates

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This is just a general announcement.


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Sep 22, 2022
Shawnee, Kansas, USA
Sorry for the lack of updates/content but I've been sick and had some family things going on. I have a lot of changes that are coming up in my personal life so I'm hoping that I can make something work so I still have time to create videos and work on growing this community, this thread is the start of this process and I hate to ask (I'm still going to work on ways to keep me focused here but this would go a long way to help if you can).

I hate asking for any sort of money for just doing what I like so, I plan to add more benefits to the existing plans. I have several user upgrades that can be purchased here. If you are a Silver or higher supporter I have setup pages to display those that choose to support me and what I'm trying to do here.
I have a list of video ideas I am working through but everything else going on (mainly being sick) is whats keeping me from making any videos at this point and time. If you want more details, feel free check on my personal Twitter below as I've been fairly active there.

I really want to keep focused on IT Bible, its just hard right now.