Cisco Security - Honoring our ‘Cybersecurity Defender of the Year’ in EMEA

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Congratulations to security advocate Luigi Vassallo, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer of Sara Assicurazioni Insurance, an innovative Italian cloud-first insurance firm.

In the last two years, cybersecurity has advanced and can feel like a one-two punch to those who are not prepared. But what does that preparation look like? For Luigi Vassallo, it was more than just tackling cybersecurity defense on his own. Luigi reached out to the Cisco community, offering his knowledge and expertise to help others. This is what stood out to make him our Cybersecurity Defender of the Year in EMEA for the Cisco Global Advocate Awards 2023 EMEA event.

Cisco’s advocacy community, Cisco Insider Advocates, brings our customers together and provides a way for them to make powerful connections, expand their professional and personal networks, and learn from top experts in their field. Luigi personifies the spirit of Insider Advocates by sharing freely within the community.

One may wonder where Luigi finds the time or energy to participate in the community. Luigi finds immeasurable energy by training as a kickboxer and as an avid cyclist. This energy transforms into a philosophy of helping others. As Luigi says, it is about being “the best version of yourself.”

Luigi sums up his approach to cybersecurity this way: “Cybersecurity for me is like boxing: you never know when your opponent will attack, but you have to know in advance how to respond and what you can do.”

Luigi has been featured in a profile piece, as well as a video, where he speaks about his personal goals, as well as his goals for making Sara Assicurazioni as secure as possible with Cisco’s products. Part of his passion comes from being comfortable with the uncertainty of cybersecurity, coupled with the confidence that Cisco is there to help his organization. I’m honored that Sara Assicurazioni has joined forces with Cisco Secure to confidently define zero-trust and XDR strategies that increase security resilience and drive better customer outcomes for them.

When notified of the award, Luigi’s humility and dedication to the community was evident, as he shared, “I feel happy and surprised about this award, as I didn’t expect to win because there were so many good advocates who were nominated with me. I want to thank Cisco for awarding me the Cybersecurity Defender of the Year honor.”

Luigi also credits the Cisco Insider Advocacy program for its ability to connect and grow the cybersecurity community, adding:

“This is also what makes Cisco different from other security vendors; the capacity to recognize the innovation and resilience of its customers. I feel that we are part of the same movement, and we are together in the same fight against cybercriminals. To all other nominees, I want to say thank you for your hard work in cybersecurity and in sharing your good practices with me in the Cisco Insider Advocacy community and now at Cisco Live EMEA.”​

We congratulate Luigi, not only for keeping his guard up, but for helping others to do the same by being part of the Cisco Insider Advocacy community.

The Cisco Global Advocate Awards celebrates Cisco’s passionate and innovative customer advocates who go above and beyond in demonstrating thought leadership and supporting Cisco through success stories, speaking engagements, product reviews, and so much more.

We’re planning three exclusive events that will coincide with Cisco Live conferences in Amsterdam, Las Vegas, and Melbourne in 2023. We hope you’ll join us as we recognize our customer advocates by region for actively supporting Cisco. You won’t want to miss it.

To learn more, and to become a member, please visit us here.

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