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  1. WizardTux

    Partner Content How to Install and Configure OpenVPN Server and Client for Routing (and other things)

    I try to keep my posts / tutorials as concise as possible but in some cases I'm not able to do that, and this is one of those cases. This is a longer one but it will be at the core of something I want to do within my lab. Install OpenVPN and Download EasyRSA First run an update and install...
  2. WizardTux

    Partner Content Pi-Hole Setup for Blocking Ads on Every Device

    Ever wanted a way to block ads across all devices in your network? Why not try Pi-Hole. Don't have a way to start a lab at home, why not my referral link at Digital Ocean to get started with $200 in credit? Official Docs: https://docs.pi-hole.net/main/basic-install/ Method 1 (Used in video)...
  3. WizardTux

    Partner Content How to Download and Install a Linux Desktop - Ubuntu Style

    Today we are going to walk through downloading and installing Ubuntu Desktop in a virtual machine. If you don’t have the extra resources to create a virtual machine check out Vultr I have an affiliate link below to get you $100 in free credit. Vultr Affiliate Link (for $100 credit)...
  4. WizardTux

    Partner Content Install & Configure Caddy v2 Webserver

  5. WizardTux

    Partner Content Creating ED25519 SSH Keys