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  1. WizardTux

    New Low Power Virtualization Cluster - Coming Soon

    Boy howdy. I got approval today to acquire some new (to me) hardware from a client. This is going to be my low power virtualization cluster. The only things pending now is approval from the client and then purchase of the NVMe (os) drives and storage drives. I'm excited. ... More to come...
  2. WizardTux

    What is your preferred hypervisor and why?

    So I'm just curious (both for business and for homelab / personal).
  3. WizardTux

    Partner Content Download & Install Proxmox VE

    Ever wanted to test out a hypervisor on your own hardware, try out ProxmoxVE to empower your home lab and create your own hypervisor cluster. [0:00] - Intro [1:56] - Download [3:33] - Install [6:40] - Login [8:30] - Download VM ISO [9:40] - Install Test VM [12:17] - Wrap Up Connecting With Us...