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Security Engineer
Apr 6, 2023
Howdy folks!

I'm Andy, from Texas. I've called myself a computer nerd for as long as I can remember. My first computer was a classic beige-white Dell desktop running the state-of-the-art Windows 95. I fell in love immediately.

Fast forward to now, I am celebrating 10 years in IT. I don't see IT as just a job; to me it is a mindset, a lifestyle, and a lifelong commitment. Like many in our industry, I started out on the front lines, taking calls and grinding on Help Desk tickets. I worked my way up the ranks, taking on roles as an IT Manager, SysAdmin, Senior End User Support, and Quality Analyst. It wasn't until the end of my five-year tenure at my first IT job that I found my passion for cybersecurity. Working for a genuinely privacy-oriented tech company greatly helped mold my perspective on the subject. I was lucky enough to learn foundational IT concepts in an environment that placed privacy and security at the top of the list. Eventually, I found a path to transition over to IT Security.

I work in the public sector as a Security Analyst. On a more granular level, the subsection of InfoSec that I enjoy most is Cyber Threat Intelligence. I usually wear many hats at work, and I intend to stay that way. I enjoy it! But my true passion is in protecting those who I am responsible for and whatever information they need kept private.

In my spare time, I like video game culture, tabletop games, and I play music.

Glad to be here and eager to talk more with my fellow IT nerds! I'm happy to help where I can or answer questions.
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Hi All

Michael or Nozy ( Melbourne Victoria Australia )

Ye old BBS SysOp ( still runing still with FidoNet & DOVE-Net with IRC too ) start work C64 XT ( still have both ) ye old Novell ( dos 3 to 7 and freeDos) Linux BSD and Windows more of a hack play as I go so if I need it I try to work it out.

- play with -
webserver ( debian )
Pi Aware SkyAware SDR (
VirtualBox/hyperv/prox - Proxmox Virtual Environment
steam for a bit jut for fun (youtube SGN)
owncast ( )
domains ( selfhosted )
and with my home lab all my server and dekstops help with BOINC ( with )
sure missed something but ask

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