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  1. WizardTux

    Partner Content How to install Zabbix to Monitor your Homelab or Enterprise Network

    Install the repository wget sudo dpkg -i zabbix-release_6.2-2+ubuntu22.04_all.deb sudo apt update Install Zabbix server, front end and agent I had to install mysql-server as...
  2. WizardTux

    Partner Content Download & Install Proxmox VE

    Ever wanted to test out a hypervisor on your own hardware, try out ProxmoxVE to empower your home lab and create your own hypervisor cluster. [0:00] - Intro [1:56] - Download [3:33] - Install [6:40] - Login [8:30] - Download VM ISO [9:40] - Install Test VM [12:17] - Wrap Up Connecting With Us...
  3. WizardTux

    Partner Content Download & Install a Linux Desktop - PopOS Style

    Tired of Windows, why not download and install Linux, specifically PopOS! [0:00] - Teaser [0:09] - Intro [1:13] - Disclaimer (Editors Note) [1:33] - Download [4:15] - Boot [5:23] - Install [7:26] - Login [9:30] - Shameless Plug [10:10] - Outro [11:40] - Another Shameless Plug Connecting With...
  4. WizardTux

    Partner Content How to Download and Install a Linux Desktop - Ubuntu Style

    Today we are going to walk through downloading and installing Ubuntu Desktop in a virtual machine. If you don’t have the extra resources to create a virtual machine check out Vultr I have an affiliate link below to get you $100 in free credit. Vultr Affiliate Link (for $100 credit)...
  5. WizardTux

    Partner Content How to install Windows 11 from Scratch